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 I am not condoning entering abandoned buildings in any way shape or form on my website.

For Legal or Protective Purposes

Some Locations may have "pseudonym" names and there Locations Undisclosed. Any comment in the forums revealing the real names will be Deleted. Do not ask me for the Locations real name or whereabouts as I will not give them to you. A "pseudonym" name means I was given special Authorization to be there and the Owner and I signed a Disclosed Location agreement meaning they wanted it that way.

                                   In Loving Memory,


-Original Photo was not taken by me


        There are many words to describe Bennie, All of them Positive. A Good Friend, A loving Son, an Inspiration for Mankind. He never saw the bad in anyone, Not even his worst Enemies. At the age of 22 he was a 3rd Degree Master Mason, One of the highest ranked in the state of NY. He was the kind of man that tried to help everyone, and would expect nothing in return. He was Strong Willed and Gold Hearted. Though a large part of his life he suffered from Kidney failure he never held back when it came to pushing forward in life. He Proved to Mankind that no matter what life throws at you, you can still move forward. I may not have spent as much time with Bennie as most, But i envy those who spent more time with him then I. God gave us 22 Years of Bennie, And in that time Bennie touched the Hearts and Lives of everyone who knew him. Though We may say Bennie is in the arms of an Angel, He isnt. He isn't because he is the Angel with open arms. He always has been, And he always will be. May He rest in peace.